The Best Cannabis-Themed Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

The Best Cannabis-Themed Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


Sexy dates and cannabis go hand in hand, and this Valentine’s day, take advantage and enhance your love life with cannabis. Here are some of our top ideas!


Get High Outside

According to Herb, cannabis is a turn-on, so smoking on any date can get you in the mood. Whether you go strolling through a park in the city, go sit on a bench, or smoke up at the top of a 14-foot mountain after a strenuous hike, cannabis can be an awesome, sexy way to spice up any date.


Get High and Get Snacks

Nothing is more of a turn-on than grabbing food either before or after a sexy evening, and in addition to enhancing your sexual mood, it can also make you hungry. If you get high and get snacks, that is the perfect way to relax and deepen your sexual connection.


Spend a Night in with CBD Lube or Infused Products

Using an infused product during sex can be just the thing to give you that boost in the bedroom. Maybe you and your new partner are shy, but want to avoid libations like alcohol before getting busy because you want to be able to remember the whole experience. Or, maybe you are looking for a creative way to spice things up with a long-term lover. Trying out something new behind closed doors can be just what the doctor ordered.


Experiment with Different Strains

If you want to make things sexy on your date, experiment with some different types of cannabis. As Leafly points out, there ar eplenty of cannabis options for all kinds of sex, from a hot night in with a significant other to a sexy first date. Get creative!