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    Tyler Dare Cannabis Cultivator

    California, USA Instagram CannaResNC.docx
    BudgetingCloningCuring CannabisCustomer Service SkillsDefoliation and bottoming techniquesDeveloping feed and water strategies/regimensDry room setupFacilities ManagementFIM and topping techniquesGeneral constructionGeneral light mechanic workGeneral maintenanceGroup leader/TrainerGrow room setupIndoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse/Mixed light cannabis cultivationIntegrated pest management plan creationLarge vehicle/Truck operation (no cdl)Maintaining inventoryMixing compost teaMixing liquid nutrients and other additivesMS OfficeOperate atomizer or backpack sprayerOperate heavy machineryOrdering suppliesPest and mold/ mildew identification and treatmentPhotographerPower ToolsReceptionistSchedulingSecurityStake and low stress training techniquesTop dress feedingTowingTrellisingTrimming

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    Tyler Dare

    Passionate cultivator seeks new facility


    Petrolia, CA


    Phone: 7074998588

    Authorized to work in the US for any employer



    Work Experience

    Cultivation Technician/Facility Management

    Smooth Cannabis – Petrolia, CA

    June 2016 to November 2018

    Ran four 100ft by 35ft greenhouses, as well as assisting in the nexus veil glass greenhouses. Ran indoor grows during the winter while maintaining mothers. At peak season I was responsible for around 1500 plants on a combination of hand watering and irrigation. I also maintained the general property, fixing minor issues and making repairs. I was also responsible for integrated pest management, identification, prevention and treatment. As so, I’m trained to use foggers and sprayers. I would also go to other facilities to work with a group after completing necessary tasks at my facility. Main group activities consisted of transplanting, harvest and large-scale defoliation. When on my property as a group I was responsible for leading activities. I was involved in all aspects of the facility throughout the season, from assisting with clones and running flowing greenhouses to driving product to packing and distribution facilities, as well as general handywork.


    Cannabis Cultivator

    Self – Federal Way, WA

    February 2012 to April 2016

    Converted extra bedroom into a grow space to produce for myself and bring in extra money to pay for utilities and rent. Used soil and 1000 watt lamps for flowering and combo florescence and LED in the closet to veg the upcoming run. Made cuts off a friend’s mother plant from another facility.


    Personal Cultivator

    Self – Ybor City, FL

    March 2010 to January 2012

    Converted extra bed and bath into clone and flowing rooms. Running 12 or so medium sized plants in soil with multiple runs per year, all single stain per run. Responsible for all plant care and duties. System set up on irrigation for ease while going to school.

    Cannabis Cultivator

    Family and friends – Anchorage, AK

    2003 to 2007

    Working with my father, and my friend and his father to produce mothers from seed and grow multiple indoor runs each year. Built and used our own hydroponics system for a sea of green style flowering room. Maintained multiple rooms, both veg and flower. Cloned and tested/sexed potential mothers for viability. Utilized multiple training techniques as well as bamboo and trellising. Responsible for feeding, pruning, harvest and trim with direction from my own or my friend’s father. A full two car garage at our home and an entire converted 3 bed 2 story house as indoor grow spaces.