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    Tobias Vega Cannabis Cultivator - Head Grower

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    Tobias Vega
    Phone: 719-251-9827
    Email: tevga20003@gmail.com

    Instagram: @thaphantum
    Colorado, Massachusetts

    I moved From Iowa to Colorado in 2014 to pursue a career in the cannabis industry, quickly working my way up to management positions. In 2018 I was asked to move to Massachusetts to manage the start up of a large scale, state of the art light deprivation greenhouse, becoming one of the first and largest grows in the state. My work ethic, desire to learn, and my strive for success are what make me stand out in this field. I have managed multiple facilities, with the intention always being quality, yield, compliance and safety. I have vast experience in indoor, outdoor, light deprivation greenhouses, hoop houses, hydroponics, organics, propagation, substrates, fertilizers, pest/fungus identification and control, nutrient toxicities and deficiencies, environmental controllers, all plant training techniques, writing standard operating procedures, managing people, and everything that pertains to the everyday workings of a successful grow operation.

    Head Grower-
    Fitchburg, Massachusetts

    I moved from Colorado to Massachusetts to set up a brand new 30,000+ square foot state of the art light deprivation greenhouse grow with plans for expansion.

    -Ran Bio Track THC for tracking, moving, harvesting and tagging plants.
    -Set up wadsworth controllers for entire facility. Controlling all environments (temperature, humidity, exhaust, intakes, CO2, supplemental lighting, and light deprivation systems).
    -Established Standard Operating Procedures for cloning/propagation, transplanting, fertigation recipes, training, pruning, culling, sexing, and pheno hunting.
    -Ran irrigation and fertigation for entire facility using Danvan system.
    -Managed all employees to ensure quality and quantities are being met.
    -Worked with entomologist to establish safe and effective Integrated Pest Management through various species of predatory insects.
    -Researched and applied various pesticides and fungicides.
    -Oversaw mother/clone rooms, organizing over 50 strains.

    Head Grower-
    Soma Cannabis
    Pueblo, Colorado

    Head Grower for a 50,000 sq ft facility that housed over 24,000 sq ft of canopy. I was initially hired as a Flower Tech and quickly worked my way up to Head Grower through multiple promotions. I oversaw every aspect of the grow, from propagation to harvest, managing people in all departments.

    – Maintained over 5,000 plants on a day to day basis, while implemented new ideas and tech to improve quality and consistency throughout the entire grow operation.
    – I revamped cloning procedures that created less labor and more effective results.
    – Managed Propagation of 300+ clones per week with exceptional success, as well as transplanting said clones into coco coir.
    – Trained grow techs in all departments in the proper maintenance of plants such as: pruning, topping, super-cropping, netting, staking, LST, SCROG. and mixing/applying nutrient solutions.
    – I was responsible for all pesticide training, handling, and spraying. Ensuring that all laws and regulations were met through the USDA.
    – Hung lights and set up irrigation for thousands of plants.

    Head Grower-
    Pueblo West Organics
    Pueblo West, Colorado

    I worked for Pueblo West Organics for about two months before being promoted to Head Grower to get the grow back on track. Through my knowledge and managements skills I turned the grow around and created a healthy environment for plants to thrive. I oversaw all aspects of the grow of medical and recreational marijuana from propagation to finished product.

    – Implemented proper nutrient regiment’s to make sick, yellow plants into lush green plants in veg and in flower.
    -Increased propagation success rates from extremely poor to 98-100%, utilizing proper techniques with auto cloners.
    -I tripled flower yields in a very short time by properly applying fertilizers and training plants (topping, supercropping, FIM, pruning, LST, and SCROG).
    -Trained all staff in correct ways of transplanting, harvesting, trimming and curing for increased quality.
    -Cycled plants from veg to flower, keeping records of schedules to maintain perpetual harvest.
    -Created an effective IPM (integrated pest management) schedule and executed all spray related tasks.
    -Wrote all SOP’s to ensure all of my standards were being met by employees.

    Grow Manager-
    Emerald Fields
    Pueblo, Colorado

    I managed part of the largest outdoor marijuana grow in Colorado, as well as a large indoor grow. I have experience in all aspects of a successful large scale outdoor operation from seed/clone to final product.

    -Propagated/maintained/planted thousands of seeds and clones with excellent success.
    -Oversaw the care of hundreds of indoor plants and thousands of outdoor plants including pruning, topping, super-cropping, LST, staking, mixing and applying nutrients as well as brewing compost teas.
    -Operated large light dep greenhouse and environmental controls.
    -Mixed and applied pesticides to effectively control pests and molds.
    -Ran underground injection system through a doser to irrigate field.
    -Managed a large crew for fall harvest of around 3,000 plants (organizing strains, drying, trimming, curing, keeping records, weighing, labeling, and packaging) totaling over 2,000 lbs of finished product.
    -Utilized Metrc to add/remove plants and create manifest for transfers and wholesales.
    -Took hundreds of samples for potency and microbial testing.
    -Delivered hundreds of pounds of product to dispensaries and extraction labs throughout Colorado.
    -Constructed hoop houses and set up lighting systems.