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    Shawn Damery Cannabis Technician

    Norman, OK, USA cannabis-resume-1.1-2019.docx

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    Shawn Damery

    1516 Pinewood drive

    Norman, OK 73071




    Objective: To obtain employment in the cannabis industry


    Experience: I have over 10 year of experience with cannabis plants on a personal scale. Everything from germination of seeds, growing out said seeds through vegetation, flowering (12/12), male-female selection, maturation, flushing and timing the harvest. Trimming, drying and curing of the finished product. Some other aspects of the process includes but is not limited to cloning, pruning, applying training (LST or low stress training) to keep the plants short, sea of green (SOG), lollypopping (to reduce popcorn buds).

    In addition I know how to establish and maintain motherplants, cloning (using mostly rockwool), nutrient needs of the plants (both organic and non-organic), flushing, basic nutrient deficiencies, and some disease diagnosis as well.

    As regards to lighting, I am familiar with PAR and its effect on plant growth (blue for keeping plants shorter during veg as well as red for helping flowering and maturing). My experience includes wiring ballasts and using fluorescent as well as HPS and more recently LED systems (I just bought and installed a SolarSystem 550 high powered LED lighting system, best investment yet). This gives you complete control of Red and Blue ratios and intensity levels which profoundly affect the stretch during veg and flower. Plants are kept very stout due to the presence or blue light but increasing the red helps with bud development. I have also messed around with using colloidal silver to induce male flowers in females for use in producing feminized plants.

    I am aware of most of the major cannabinoids and their effect on possible health issues. Also, recent trends that are using UVB sources to help increase the THC levels of the resin in the plant. I am also familiar with their therapeutic use in medicine etc.

    As far as mediums go, most of my growing experience is with soil/soiless substrates. In addition, I have grown in hydroton (ebb&flow). I am familiar with growing in other substrates (rockwool, DWC, NFT etc.), and also aware of pH and PPM or EC and how they affect plant nutrient uptake.

    I consider myself to have a good work ethic and am a self starter and love to talk shop with other growers. I have no issues with clearly communicating observations with fellow workers and/or management.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have on my experience as well as anything else that pertains and is relevant to all aspects of cannabis growing.