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    Noel Rodriguez Manager, Grower, Manufacture, Product Development, Health Consultant, Business Development, Artist, Pipeline Production, Compliance, Regulations and more ....

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    Dear Sir/Madam
    I believe I have the perfect combination of skills and experience for the job.
    With years of involvement, ranging from managing multiple cannabis grow operations, to
    supervising Post Production for a massive corporate entity like IMAX, I have managed teams of
    people and created pipelines of production to optimize productivity and workflow. I have worked
    within budgets, while at the same time using cutting edge technology to create the best possible
    outcome for projects I have overseen.
    Most recently, I have been working for the last two years with a startup company, overseeing the
    operations of manufacturing cannabis medication for their Brand.
    You will see, that with my experience and years cultivating networks within the Cannabis industry, I
    have a unique combination of skills suited to the great responsibility of managing the daily
    operations of your Brand.
    Additionally, I am an innovator as well as an entrepreneur, with a number of products and projects
    of my own.
    Applying for this Kind of job, I found myself wrestling with the dilemma of whether I should compile a
    “Cannabis Resume” after years of growing in the shadows with loosely organized companies
    hovering between Medical and Recreational while navigating the new laws and regulations. So, I
    decided to write a cover letter outlining my strengths and experience.
    I hope to have a meeting with you, where I would be more than happy to give you further details
    and references.
    Noel Rodriguez



    Noel Rolando Rodriguez

    3125 Aylesworth Place, Los Angeles, CA 90031

    407-325-3234 noelrolando@hotmail.com


    I’m an effective team leader; a self-motivated and responsible person who works well with deadlines and takes pressure well.

    My goal is to grow as a conscious human while working for an organization or company that values integrity as well as financial gain.



    Professional Experience:



    After a successful career in the international ballet world, I moved into the production division of one of South America’s most prestigious theatrical production companies, Romay Productions/Argentina, with whom I worked for a number of years.

    Having worked on countless international theatre productions, I moved to the United States to pursue a degree in Special Effects/Post Production.


    Visual Effects/Post Production:

    * 2009-2010 / Freelance Generalist/ crossover film, Hollywood Intermediate Inc.

    * 2010-2011/Stereo Compositor/ Stereo D

    * 2011-2012 /Stereo Compositor, beta team technologies, stereo paint/ Prime Focus

    * 2012 /Comp Supervisor, Identity FX

    * 2013 / Associate Producer/ Identity FX

    * 2011-2013 /Freelance Generalist/Supernova Films LLC

    * 2013-2016 /Post Production Supervisor/ Imax Corporation



    * 2016 – Facility Engineer and Greenhouse builder for an outdoor grow operation in California.

    * 2016-2018 / Lab and Grow Operations Manager for Village Flora – a commercial/medical grow facility in Sylmar, CA.

    * 2017-2018 / Grow Operations Manager for a couple different facilities that cannot be specified for obvious reasons.