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    MATTHEW G LOMBARDO Master Grower

    United States

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    Matthew Lombardo

    P.O. Box 500261, San Diego, 92150

    Tel: (619) 536-8367 email: mattlombardo@aol.com


    Detail oriented, results driven and highly skilled marijuana cultivator with 20+ years of top performance experience in the marijuana grow industry.  Experience in managing and training highly organized teams in commercial growing enterprises with an enthusiastic, precise and scientific approach.


    Over 20 years of growing experience

    Owned and operated multiple commercial grow operations

    Supervised, planned, constructed and maintained all grow facilities

    Complete understanding of HVAC, electrical and state-of-the-art irrigation systems

    Able to quickly identify and eliminate potential pests as well as plant ailments and diseases. Pro-active/preventative care

    Expert with all modes of lighting: 1000 watt HPS, HID, LED and LCD

    Proficient with hydroponic growing, including top feed irrigation, bottom feeding, ebb n flow and DWC

    Proficient in building scalable, horizontal and vertical setups

    Skilled at breeding new strains of marijuana

    Master at cloning, germinating, marketing, harvest, waste, extraction and sales

    Expert with all nutrient and feeding regimens, CO2, humidity, temperature, lighting, PH and PPM

    Can anticipate growth, trends and needs and scale, upgrade and optimize cutting edge infrastructure

    Ensure health and safety procedures are implemented and adhered to

    Design exceptional and scalable grow processes that deliver consistent and optimal quality and quantity yields

    Install and oversee precise overall crop management, including any purchasing inputs, monitoring and reliable data tracking


    1991 – Present

    Owned, Operated and Oversaw Multiple Grow Facilities


    Set up all rooms from ground up

    Propagated seeds, rooted thousands of clones, timed and controlled the vegetative and flowering periods

    Identified the perfect time to harvest, set up and efficiently complete the process

    Assured proper curing

    Managed proper disposal of waste material

    Cross pollinated plants and created new strains

    Regulated proper temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and nutrient combinations at every step of growth cycle

    Identified the ideal time to send the product to market


    1988 – 1991

    Owned, Operated and Constructed  Greenhouses

    Constructed greenhouses that used light deprivation methods

    Designed and constructed custom residential grow rooms

    Grew outdoor crops on a commercial scale utilizing a variety of grow mediums and techniques

    Learned pest control and ethical use of agricultural pesticides


    Bachelors Degree San Diego State University, San Diego, CA 06/1990 – 06/1996

    English Literature

    With minor in Biology (Genetics and Organic Chemistry)