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    lana kirkpatrick Cannabis Cultivator

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    Lana Kirkpatrick

    Cannabis Cultivator

    contact: 818.667.8616 Lck.90291@gmail.com

    recent experience:

    Cultivation Assistant with Osiris Management, San Francisco. Feb.2017-Oct 2018
    From February 2017 until the beginning of 2018, we were employing a ‘screen of green’ or weave technique. At this time, my role was that of Room Assessor. I assessed each of the 16 flower rooms in our building every day. I checked all systems, from lighting, temperature and humidity, to pest control (IPM implementation), and plant nutrition. To help communicate any observations and actions to management, I created a summary (examples available on request) for each room, which I sent to my manager at days end. Being in constant contact with every room enabled me to catch issues early and work with my cultivation teammates to fix whatever challenges that presented. I had around 1600 plants in varying stages of flowering under my purview, and I’m proud to say that we averaged 2.5¬ to 3 lbs. per light.
    In January of 2018, the facility switched to a vertical technique. This switch brought the number of plants up to around 6500, and included the addition of the Netafim Irrigation System. The switch also necessitated that the rooms be divided among the cultivation team. I was one of three flower room leads, with 6 flower rooms under my care (Around 1200 plants at any given time.). After populating each room, I was responsible for getting irrigation hardware in place, staking, tying, and trellising each plant, as well as setting lights, sulfur vape timers (if present), CO2, HVAC, and dehumidifiers. (Reference: Kevin Feldman (502)905-7263 kevin.feldman@osirisco.com)

    Post Harvest Processing with CalPro Services Dec. 2015-Feb.2017
    I started as a trimmer, and quickly realized that I was far more useful in a supervisorial role. I acted as an on site supervisor for a number of different clients. In that role, I was tasked with overseeing anywhere from four to twenty four trimmers at a time. My average day consisted of cleanly packaging the previous days finished product, and separating waste, trim, and ‘B Buds’ using a no screen technique that I developed. This provided an extra for the grower, by returning clean, B grade units. I weighed each contractor out at the end of each day, and reported numbers to my boss, as well as the client.
    (Reference: Aaron Scarborough (503)593-7793, CalProAaron@gmail.com)

    Dispensary Work 2005- 2010
    l worked behind the counter at six dispensary locations in the San Fernando Valley and West LA. I started with a brief stint at the Herer Informational Ministry (HIM), where I had the great fortune of meeting the man himself. Shortly thereafter, the shop was sold to a different owner. I was invited to stay on staff there and that marked the beginning of a love affair with this wonderful plant. (Reference: Stephanie Landa www.freedomgrow.org (818)652-7891)

    Specialized Knowledge:

    ⦁ lighting systems: Gavita, Dimlux, NanoLux and Fluence.

    ⦁ Irrigation software/hardware: NETAFIM Drip Irrigation and software (this includes the many hours of cursing, crying and troubleshooting prerequisites.), assembly and installation of traditional pump/drip irrigation systems

    ⦁Nutrients/feeding programs: ROCK, General Hydroponics, understanding of the use and brewing of compost teas, Foliar sprays.

    ⦁ IPM: Familiar with current regulation pest control products and applications, I can spot pests from a mile away, before things get out of control. They still call me Eagle Eye.
    ⦁ I am also fluent in French, due to my Moroccan heritage, I am a pro Cheesemonger (cheese sommelier), a painter, and an archer?.