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    Jack Cox Operations Manager

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    Jack R. Cox

    714 South Main Street, St. Charles, Mo 63301—JackRCox@gmail.com—(636) 578-8405


    Bachelor of Science in ACS Chemistry

    University of Missouri


    Industry and Research Experience


    Operations Manager, Eagle Alcohol Company; 2016-present

    ·         Presented with opportunity to begin and develop operational, regulatory, and quality programs for emerging company.

    ·         Established standard operating procedures for all company positions.

    ·         Began regulatory compliance program for all applicable government agencies (DOT, OSHA, EPA, DNR, TTB, ect.). Subsequent external audits have so far produced zero violations.

    ·         Tasked with foundation and implementation of ISO 9001:2015 system. This was begun and developed in 2016 and company achieved full ISO 9001:2015 accreditation in May 2017. Currently overseeing ongoing improvement of Quality System.

    ·         Developed and maintained programs for Kosher and Organic certification as well as HCAAP, food safety and FDA compliance.

    ·         Developed emergency response, contingency, and spill response plans for company.

    ·         Performed risk analysis and budgeting for capitol improvements and expansion of company.

    ·         Managed logistics of incoming supply chain and outgoing products.

    ·         Oversaw hiring and management of new company employees.

    ·         Received ISO 9001 auditor training and certification.

    ·         Lead audits of company processes and programs and implemented subsequent improvements.

    ·         Safety Program developed and implemented.


    Technical Director and Ethanol Division Manager, Transchemical Inc.; 2015-2016

    ·         Placed in charge company’s ethanol division, QC lab, formulations and applicable personnel.

    ·         Oversaw development of new company products and capitol improvements.

    ·         Managed formulation, blending, and chemical recordkeeping for company.

    ·         Researched TTB requirements for ethanol use, sales and reporting, refined system to its more streamlined, present state.

    ·         Filed monthly reports, tax documentation, maintained necessary permitting for ethanol division.

    ·         Hired and trained new employees.

    ·         Maintained organic and kosher company certification.


    Regulaltory Compliance and EH&S Manager, Transchemical Inc.; 2014-2015

    ·         Managed all aspects of Regulatory Compliance as required by all State, Federal, and Local agencies including EHS concerns, DOT, OSHA, EPA, DNR, TTB and others.

    ·         Developed employee safety and reporting program.

    ·         Developed and administered all required training for all workers.

    ·         Maintained proper records and reporting history.

    ·         Established relationships with applicable concerned agencies and offices.

    ·         Lead any applicable audits and reviews for quality system and applicable agencies.

    ·         Assisted the Vice President of Operations and Technical Director in day-to-day Operations.


    Research Chemist I, II, Monsanto Company; 2011-2014

    ·         Assigned to process chemistry group under direction of Dr. Peng Lei and Dr.Greg Hartman.

    ·         Performed ESH compliance audits,  recommissioned, and operated autoclave reactors of various scale.

    ·         Performed cost analysis on various production catalysts for glyphosate (Round-Up) manufacturing.

    ·         Helped develop and test novel, cost-saving pathways to be implemented in chemical manufacturing.

    ·         Synthesized and purified various chemicals to be used as analytical standards for company.

    ·         Investigated various phenomena encountered in original large-scale glyphosate manufacturing.

    ·         Given position in development team for refining synthesis pathway for Dicamba.

    ·         Proficient in operation of analytical instruments.





    Physical Chemistry Researcher, University of Missouri; 2007-2011

    ·         Independent and collaborative research under Dr. John E. Adams and Dr. Carol Deakyne.

    ·         Provided dynamics information through use and use modification of the Guassian and Amber software packages.

    ·         Worked closely with the Atwood Group to develop theories on experimental phenomena encountered in Host-Guests complexes.

    ·         Developed revised dynamics models which provided more accurate results.

    ·         Coauthor on numerous publications.

    ·         Presented research at multiple regional and national ACS conferences.


    Supramolecular Chemistry Research, University of Missouri; 2010-2011

    ·         Laboratory research under Dr. Jerry Atwood and Dr. Drew Fowler.

    ·         Originally started working in laboratory to help better understand chemistry encountered in physical chemistry research.

    ·         Good fortune in early work encouraged me become involved with group.

    ·         Explored synthesis of large, self-assembling host molecules using various metals.

    ·         Gained valuable experience in operation of various instruments, including NMR, Crystallography, Mass Spec.

    ·         Explored finding an assembly pathway in which host molecules are seamed using calcium and magnesium.


    I possess extensive experience in managing a wide array of operations, regulatory and quality system environments. In addition I am trained in the operation of all major laboratory instruments (NMR, Mass Spec, UV/VIS, GC, HPLC, FAA, IR, GC , ect.) and posses experience in an extensive variety of team and independent laboratory environments.


    Other Work Experience

    Laborer and Plumbing Apprentice,   Roy Cox Plumbing, St. Charles Missouri; 2001-2008

    Assistant Manager,   City Club Tavern, St. Charles Missouri; 2007-2010


    Undergraduate Activities and Honors

    ACS Regional and National Conferences; 2007-2011

    ·         Presented research findings in the professional level poster sessions multiple times

    ·         Presented results in a physical section talk for the Adams and Deakyne group during regional conferences

    American Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder

    Alpha Chi Sigma (Professional Chemistry Fraternity) Member, 2008—Present

    MEGSSS Advanced  mathematics program for secondary school students graduate

    Missouri Bright Flight (State of MO scholarship for ACT score 30 or above) Scholar

    MISSOURI DECA STATE CHAMPION –Technical Sales Competition