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    Alexander Alger ! Bud Tender !

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    my resume is more of a description of me I’ve never worked for a place like this but here’s why I think im qualified and why I want to work with you guys !


    My names Alexander Alger, I live in Thousand Oaks California. I grew up in Oak Park with my two parents and little brother only a city over from where I live now. I went to High school there and decided I wanted to be in the entertainment industry. I got into Los Angeles School of film for a bachelor in Entertainment Business. I’ve finished two years and I have my last 8 months left. I’ve learned a lot and still have a ton to learn. I’ve worked at Zumiez boarding shop as an assistant manager which was probably my biggest work achievement moving from an employee to a manager my sales were double everyone else’s sales and I built strong customer service relationships as well. I stopped working there to go back to school at the time I wasn’t able to take online.
    I currently work now at the Sunset In Malibu as a server. Work is okay but I’ve reached my peak there. They don’t offer 40 hour weeks and work is slow. I love being around people and learning new things. Im super open to almost everything. I just want to experience as much as I can in this life to be honest. I have always wanted to work in the MM industry but I never had an opportunity. With getting my bachelors and how much marijuana is involved with the entertainment industry it made me want to further my education and start from the ground up. i started washing dishes at the Sunset then moved to food running and now I’m a server. I work hard and have a good attitude. I really think this would be great to learn the ropes of this industry too!
    What are your strengths? My strengths would be im very adaptable and very quick at learning. If I don’t know the answer ill find someone who does

    What are your weaknesses? My biggest weakness is saying yes to so many things at once. Biting off more then I can chew
    Where would you like to be in your career five years from now? Where id like to be is done with school and working in this industry. Id like to be managing something or marketing a business or a product by then. Possibly even creating an App of some sort. Not sure exactly where but for sure stable and working.
    What’s your ideal company? A company has a product a reason for selling and ways of making a product. A lot of people do roughly the same thing with there own twists. I think as long as you’re an honest and giving the people a good product it would be a ideal company
    Why should we hire you? I’m not here just to earn a pay check I saw that this is a independent company and it really inspired me. I work hard and I’m dedicated. I don’t take any short cuts and I call it how it is. If I get hired I would want to grow with the company and give my all. I’m a quick learner and I show up on time.

    What did you like least about your last job?When I was working at Zumiez things were competitive. That’s not what I have a problem with ill be the best competitor but I didn’t like competing for sales with people I worked with. Everyone was out to get everyone just to make a sale. It was very shiesty to be honest

    When were you most satisfied in your job? I was satisfied the most when I got a 200$ tip from Denis Haysbert “ are you In good hands –all state” I was serving him and he tipped me so much more then what I deserved and he said it was because he saw me working hard so it felt good being noticed and rewarded.

    What can you do for us that other candidates can’t? this is tricky and had be stuck on this question for a bit. I know my self and if I got hired for one thing but had to do something else it wouldn’t be a problem. I guess what Im trying to say is I’m flexible and im very good at adapting. Im not just held down to one task I can learn and do many. Im very passionate when it comes to work I would always be on time you can depend on me.

    What were the responsibilities of your last position? When I worked at Zumiez I has in charge of 3-5 people a week. Making there schedules and dealing with there problems and customers. I would open the shop relocate things that were old in the back and put the new in the front. Teach the other employees about up sale and how to learn your customer. It was a very easy job but non the less it was a lot of learning.

    Why are you leaving your present job?I’m leaving my present job because ive hit my cap here im already a server. And what good does a bachelor’s degree do serving food.  Work is very slow I may get 1-3 days a week and that’s not supporting me at all. Im hungry for learning and really want to exceed with a company.

    What do you know about this industry? I know that it’s a multi million-dollar industry and it helps millions of people. I know that a lot of people do it for the money and use pesticides and cut corners. I know that its tough and not as easy and everyone thinks it is. But I’m no expert. I’ve been a smoker since I was about 16. My dad has been smoking most of his life and hes in IT management so it really helps. One of my closest friends mom had breast cancer and nothing was helping her except MM and she is now fully cured. It’s a big deal in my life and I love being around it. Not just smoking but the business side the health side its so amazing on what it does and how much money there is to be made.
    Thank you again for your time and reading all this I know it’s a bit ling but I hope to hear from you guys soon! Thank you
    Alexander Alger


    august 2010 / June 2014 4 years at Oak Park High school
    started 2 years ago finishing in 9 months currently enrolled for bachelor entertainment at los anageles film school

    business entertainment


    currently employed will quit if hired Serever at The Sunset Malibu

    super good with people and customer service really adaptable and up for new challenges