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    I live in Russia, hard country for grower’s, breeeder’s and researcher man (Who i’am). I live in one
    rule – make happy your neighbour and world smile for you. My grandpa has proffesional breeder
    some interest things (He’s have ~10 Horses, personal apiary, collector of various wild shrooms
    (Not psy activity), berry) and i mirror copy my grandpa. I have been growing up and breeding
    since childhood and I dream of working in a this research field, but that is not available in my
    country for political reasons. Actually, if there is an option for any work permit (Job offer) – I can
    give myself completely to work and show the best results, because this is the work of my dream.
    Please, examine my topic and pull out the person who perishes from the totalitarian regime of
    Mr. Putin. It puts a lot of pressure on me, but I want to live in freedom, to bring and develop
    specifically the area in which I have already become a professional. If your generosity responds
    to my request – I am ready to work for food, water and shelter, for the sake of experience, in order
    to bring new developments to this world. I myself am fond of psychology, studying alkaloids of
    plants, baking from marijuana some taste things (Pizza, pasta, cookies, alltrought), growing. Take
    me under your wing. Not all Russian bullshitmans. I’m 27 y.o., Russian, Hardworker man. I’m not
    a hippie, I’m more like a scientist, i believe this (and other researches ’bout this theme) make
    world mostly happy, invaluable contribution to pharmacology and psychology. Save me from the
    local terror, please, and I’ll repay you with full dedication. It’s not normal for me what happens
    in my homeland. With Great regards, Sergei.