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    Consultant: Dabs by Dave

    DATA ENTRY (Less than 1 year), INVENTORY (Less than 1 year), MICROSOFT OFFICE (Less than 1 year), MS OFFICE (Less than 1 year), SALES (Less than 1 year),

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    To Whom It May Concern,

    Hello, my name is David Grajcar. I’m a Florida native who moved to Portland over a year ago in order to apply my knowledge and passion for cannabis in the Oregon market. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of this ever-expanding industry and am looking forward to moving to the next phase of my career.

    I fell in love with cannabis from first use and have been actively studying its lineage – the many strains, their effects, habitats and distribution – ever since. For example, I understand why Indicas have such tight bud structures and Sativas flower for so long. I understand the different types of landrace strains, which flavors and effects they can provide and how to breed for a specific trait. This knowledge assists me in understanding what to expect from each varietal and why, which is excellent for both production and customer service aspects. I also keep up to date with OLCC rules and regulations and find that I am kindly explaining these laws to other businesses, if the conversation finds its way there.

    I have approximately 12 years experience helping people use cannabis as medicine and growing cannabis, most of which has been concentrated outdoors. However, my knowledge of both indoor and outdoor growing methods is well versed. I’m familiar with many different organic and veganic styles of growing, which I believe are more sustainable and produce better quality flower. I also think the use of compost teas and beneficial microbes are vital for the health and optimal expression of the plant’s genetics.

    Four years ago, I experienced premium quality hash oil and decided to learn the preferred methods to make this product. (I believe concentrates are the healthiest, most efficient form by which to consume cannabis). Since then, I’ve become proficient in the concepts of almost every form of extraction – short path distillation, hydrocarbon extraction, rosin tech, CO2, dry sift, and bubble hash. In an effort to further my education and understanding, I have been studying chemistry/ organic chemistry through the Khan Academy and have attended many industry-related professional events. I wish to obtain the title of “professional expert” doing what I love.

    I am a very fast learner, am organized and detail oriented, self-managed and self-driven with a great sense of humor. I also speak fluent Spanish. More than anything, I wish to continue learning, growing, improving and applying my knowledge and passion to this industry. And I wish to work with people who feel the same.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


    David M. Grajcar