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    • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW and Microsoft office. • Fluent in Persian and English Language. • Studying and living with English language in Philippines for more than 4 years.

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    My name is Mohammad Sadeghi, I’m 28 years old alumni of Business Administration major in Management at Silliman international University. During my study in Philippine I got interested in natural medicines and start to search about the benefits of different type of herbs, spices and plants like Turmeric, ginger, oregano, saffron and many more. It was interesting how the nature provided us with all human needs and even more than that, to hill ourselves with what grows easily on our planet.
    As an Iranian I was familiar with natural medicines, It used to be part of our culture to use and we had many grate scientist to study those like Avicenna who wrote The Book of Healing base on natural medicines. Still herbs and spices are part of Iranians daily life and we use dose in many different ways, for example Marijuana seeds are one of our oldest snacks when we roasting it with salt, but most of the people even doesn’t know its Cannabis seeds, maybe it’s because we call it in different name (Shah Dane) King of the Seeds.
    When I start to study about Marijuana by myself I was so pessimistic about it like most of the people because of the wrong influence of media, until I got challenged by one of my friends to find something bad and negative about it base on study researches.
    I accepted the challenge and started to study and do research about Cannabis and the effects of Cannabis on human body and the brain. As more I was searching and reading about the Cannabis it was getting more surprising and interesting how much this plant has to offer to us, how useful it is from the flower to the stem and to the seeds and leaf. It’s amazing how beneficial is in many unexpected ways and it was around us for thousands of years and we didn’t get to use it as well as what we should.
    As a young business man I was always looking for a new products or new opportunity to see bright future in it so I could put all of my energy in it and not to be worry about wasting my time on something useless. As a human I always liked to help people to be better, stronger, smarter and to be more positive. I was looking for something that could help people and people would like it, something healthy and beneficial for all human kind and even animals, something natural and not harmful for our planet, something like Cannabis.
    I always wanted to choose a job I love so it wouldn’t feel like working, as more I do research about Cannabis I get more sure that’s the work I want to do, what’s better than fastest growing industry in USA and must of the world which is healthy, natural and enjoy full.
    Now after all the researches I have done, I’m sure this is the right way for me and I will try my best to get to in this industry and do my best in it.
    The only thing I’m asking you is to giving me a chance, a chance to be part of your team to learn from you and to be helpful for your company in any way I can.
    I will not disappoint you.


    Seyed Mohammad Sadeghi