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    Cannabis Production Non Smoker

    Cannabis Liquor: 2 years

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    I apply for a production position
    Actually i have my TEMPORARY MARIJUANA ESTABLISHMENT AGENT CARD for the Production.

    I am Self-Educated in Cannabis industry. I use to grow, in soil and hydroponics system,
    About the production, i all ready make oil (for cooking) , glycerin for e-cigarette, and i do deep research on Cannabis liquor, gummies…

    I create a Cannabis Liquor (thc) product «  TEARS OF GODS  » www.instagram.com/tearsofgods i do lot off research with different alcohol proof, different liquor, different decarboxylation, different seizing. i do the Cannabinoid test with Alpha-CAT product for understand better all the reaction.
    it’s very efficient product, between 1 to 2 oz it’s equivalent than smoking 3 to 5 G .

    I work on CBD liquor too, stronger product, who can be add at beers for very efficient CBD propriety in the beer or something else.

    Saturday May, 20th i have a formation with TEAM READY on Edibles & Extracts for have more knowledge about the regulation information, infused product, infusing beverage, bath bombs, powdered mixes, and gummies with water soluble THC/CBD…

    I am french, new on Las Vegas, i not smoke or not use any drugs, not drinking too, very responsable, i use to have management position in all my last job, due at my professionalism, all time in time, never sick, organized, trust in my, you not gonna be disappointed.