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    I am a hard working person looking for work in the cannabis industry. I am looking at getting any entry level type positions or any positions that I can be trained for.

    Trey Molnar
    15893 Jade Glen Ave.
    Sandy, OR 97055
    (503) 676-4202
    (503) 668-5754

    Objective: To earn a position that will allow me to gain experience in the workplace.


    January, 2013 – 2017
    Title: Gaming Staff
    Responsibilities: Manage security and maintenance of game equipment, including consoles, monitors, television, and controllers. Keep records of participants who rent game equipment and ensure the good working order of all equipment. Maintain a good, smooth gaming experience for all participants. Please note: NewCon is flexibly scheduled to take place one weekend per year in January.

    Fred Meyer
    January – March, 2016
    Title: Fuel Clerk
    Responsibilities: Worked with customers at the fuel center, kept the center clean maintaining the fuel space, made customers feel welcome, fueled up customers cars in a timely and positive fashion. Working with managers when they needed me to help with any task.

    January – June, 2015
    Title: Courtesy Clerk
    Responsibilities: Worked with customers on the sales floor, assisted other clerks with day-to-day operations such as shelving and fronting products, cleaning and maintaining the retail space, and helped customers with their purchases. Supported managers when and where requested.

    Portland State University Vanguard
    September – December, 2014
    Title: Distributor
    Responsibilities: Ensure timely delivery of newspapers to local shops and stands around the Portland State University campus. Required reliability and thoroughness, as the paper counted on me to deliver their hard work every Tuesday morning beginning at 5:00 a.m.

    Have graduated high school with diploma.
    Am currently attending college, majoring in computer game design at Mt. Hood community college.

    Raising and caring for my animals (1 dog, 1 cat)
    Computer programming – I particularly enjoy game programming and level customization
    Learning about my Native American tribal heritage
    Learning new skill in different fields
    Studying japanese culture

    Can communicate with others in an professional and respectful manner.
    Excellent at working with a team.
    I am very self motivated and willing to put the time in to learn the job.
    I will adapt to any situation on the job.
    Will put in the work to learn the job efficiently and professionally.
    Flexible when it comes to changes on the job.
    Can work with changes to my schedule.
    I am very responsible when if comes to work.
    Very open to learning new skills.