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    Grower Assistant, Trimmer, Farm Hand

    Strong motivation Cannabis growing knowledge Dependable Flexible in hours Comfortable to work outside Interpersonal skills Manual skills Physically fit Positive attitude

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    this is my application for the position of Grower Assistant, Trimmer and Farm Hand.

    Here in Venaria (Italy) I run the family business with my father, I’m a van driver, and an outdoor Cannabis grower.
    I describe myself as a conscientious person who works hard everyday, comfortable at working in team as on his own, neel to paying attention to detail, dependable, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others. I’m also highly motivated and willing to work flexible hours, and have no problems to work outside even in the worst conditions, as it’s what I do everyday.
    I like to find opportunities where it seems there is just some problems. I like problem solving.
    For many people that came in America throughout the history, the American Dream was their life dream, so please let me tell You mine.
    I wish to raise more economic resources to invest in the e-commerce business I’m starting up at home. Without the investment I need to do, my business project would not be possible at all.
    Also, I decided to build myself a Home in my hometown, as I cannot stay where I’m living any longer.
    For these reasons my target is to work as more efficiently and professionally as I can with a positive, conscientious attitude, no matter how many difficulties I might encounter.
    I look forward with enthusiasm to an opportunity for an interview.
    You can find my resume in attachment. Immediate availability.
    Sincerely Yours,