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    Hello, I’m A.D. Cunningham
    I am returning to the LA area this Spring and I am going to need a place to stay. I am also looking for affordable and safe storage.
    I’ve always been very free spirited. I think and work best outside the box, adapting and improvising along the way. I love to laugh and remain amused as much as possible, which at times can be misinterpreted as inappropriate, or overly sarcastic. I don’t mean to be, it’s just a behavior pattern which has been handed down through the generations. I don’t really care for it and I am doing my best to understand it.
    I know I’m suppose to heal and help others heal. I’ve been ordained and certified as a Reiki master, although all verification of any of that was stolen, I guess the proof is in the practice, which is where I run into a problem as I really have no idea how to go about marketing such a practice.
    I know I’d like to do it under a 501c as I have no intention of supporting the industrial military complex anymore than I absolutely must. There again however, I really have no idea how to follow through on attaining that status and I probably should let an attorney set all that up.
    I’ve always been a very strong employee, once I got past the interview process, of course. I haven’t really been working the last couple years unfortunately. Except for cleaning my mothers house, which at times can seem like full time work. Unfortunately the paycheck does not reflect as such.
    It’s been great connecting with both my parents, but it’s time to move on.
    I travel light normally. One suitcase and a backpack is pretty common. Now however, I have several instruments. I basically have everything necessary to start a jug band, which is one of the projects I am ambitious to find the right people to work with on. I also have a bunch of banquet gear, which is good, cause I’d love to use it to contribute to the effort to feed the homeless. Oh, and lyrics. Lot’s of binders full of lyrics. There’s a lot of gospel, but there’s a bunch of the larger ones that are folk country or pop.
    I haven’t played much over the past 25 years and I’m having a difficult time remembering how to read music, but I can still sing and enjoy doing so. Music and healing are one and the same as far as I am concerned so it just seemed to make sense.
    Back in 1976 my mother and some friends founded Country Roads Folk Music Camp. A tradition that continues every summer to this day, all though attendance is nowhere near the 150 families that were involved through the 80’s. My parents were also very active in the Santa Cruz Bluegrass Society, consequently, so was I. Usually setting up chairs and watching the merch table, maybe making coffee. There’s definitely worse ways to grow up. It’s weird, looking back on it, volunteering for event’s and festivals was the only thing I can recall that I really enjoyed doing. There’s probably a position in the industry I should actively pursue, if anyone knows of anything.
    Otherwise I’ll probably be looking for some shifts behind a bar, doing banquets in a hotel, or maybe a position at one of the collectives. I am a medicinal cannabis patient. It’s the only painkiller I’ll ingest. I won’t even take an aspirin. That may disqualify me from being able to move into some places, but it’s not something I’m willing to lie about. I enjoy cannabis, and I enjoy being around other people who enjoy cannabis. So if you know of anyone like that, please forward my letter to them.
    I do enjoy gardening, just not something I would want to make a career out of.
    I have a friend in LA who want’s to develop an import and garment business that’s sure to occupy a lot of my time as well. If it were up to me, we’d build the whole thing into a bus and tour it from festival to festival. I’m not sure how it’s all going to come together other than one step at a time.
    Jug Band and retail, whatever comes of it, I’m sure it promises to be a good time.
    A.D. Cunningham