How to Make Money (Legally) in the Cannabis Industry

How to Make Money (Legally) in the Cannabis Industry

Want to make money off of cannabis? Here are a few ways to get involved in the legal industry. Make the most of it!


As MoneyWise explains, you don’t have to work hands-on in the industry. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved. If you have a little money to work with, try investing in the brand new industry. You can make your money grow, pun intended!

Offer Business Services to the Industry

Writer? Offer to ghost write for cannabis blogs. Business consultant? Give advice to those in the industry. Trailblazer SEO claims that is where the money is. And plus, you can then give back to the industry by being willing to work with folks who deal with cannabis.

Get in from the Ground Up

There is no shame in starting out at a dispensary or grow. It gives you first-hand experience with the product and can be a great place to network and make connections.

 Start Your Own Business

The cannabis industry is perfect for startups, so if you have a good idea that you think will flourish, go for it! This is a great chance to throw your hat in the ring.