How CBD Companies are Marketing without Help from Facebook and Google

When it comes to advertising, having a Facebook, Instagram, Facebook and Google ads are all standard practices these days. In the digital age we are relying more than ever on social media and paid ads on the internet to gain traffic as the internet has become an infinitely growing space filled with information. If it were not for these ads, you wouldn’t see half of what you see when you’re on the internet – and most of our time spent on the internet these days is spent on social media sites like these.

So what can you do to gain traffic to your website when these mainstream advertising routes have banned your industry? The cannabis industry has long suffered discrimination due to the herbs federally illegal status – but word always finds a way to get around. Unfortunately, even CBD only businesses are forced to find alternative ways to bring people to their websites to learn about their products.

“Facebook is not the end all, be all. Instagram is not the end all, be all,” Bozin told CNBC. “Does that mean you’re not going to see as much traffic at the get go? Sure. But at the end of the day the most important point is conversion,” or getting people to buy your products, he said.

Content is King. This is something that has been said on the internet since blogs first became relevant – and it stands true today, more than ever for businesses in the CBD or cannabis industry.

Providing educational content in the form of blog posts, eBooks, newsletters and more you can reach your customers in with traditional internet marketing. Blogs are still a key factor in driving organic search engine traffic to your website, as well as attracting subscribers who all have the potential for becoming your next customers. 

“We avoid talking about anything too specific about what the product will do,” said Cary Smith, senior vice president at agency North 6thAgency. “If you come from an educational standpoint, you skew towards less restrictions, and have a bit of a larger organic reach.”

There are some things you must be careful of – for example,not making claims for things that would normally require FDA approval (or atleast noting that studies “have found” or “suggest” certain benefits). However,marketing to your customers over the internet is not impossible without socialmedia and paid ads – it just means taking a more organic and traditionalapproach with your marketing efforts.

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