Homemade Career Kit for the Stoner

Homemade Career Kit for the Stoner

Everyone has that friend who is a huge stoner, but also super productive. Those people are rare but awesome. If you have a friend like that, you probably want to get them a really special Christmas present. Why not make them a special stoner survival kit?

Here are a few suggestions for the perfect career kit that no successful stoner should be without.

A tin and lighter

Amazon suggests a tin and lighter they can keep with them at all times. That way, it’s all stocked, and they will always have something to light their cannabis with. To be extra thorough, add some rolling papers. To be extra nice, add some actual flower.

A Hemp Wick and Cleaner

Etsy also has some really cool kits, including one with a bowl cleaner and hemp wick. Chances are, your career stoner friend has a type-A personality and likes to keep things super clean. This will help!


This is a must! Get something to keep their eyes clear while at work, and no one will ever know their stoney ways!

Air Freshener

This is another must. You can even throw in a few kinds: something to keep the kit smelling minty fresh and another one they can spray after a smoke sesh.

Edibles Cooler

You know those handy little coolers for lunchboxes? Get one for their edibles. They will definitely thank you!