Drug Dealer Uses Megabus to Traffic Cannabis

Drug Dealer Uses Megabus to Traffic Cannabis


Recently, a drug dealer brought 1.5 pounds of cannabis onto a megabus in an attempt to traffic it out of state.


According to High Times, Tevin Lewis got on the bus in Atlanta, Georgia and was heading to Memphis, Tennessee. Police boarded the bus and asked Lewis if they could search his luggage, and he readily agreed.


According to Fox 13 Memphis, police then found three ziplock-sealed bags of cannabis on his person. However, Lewis attempted to downplay the situation.


“That ain’t nothing but a pound or a pound a half,” he allegedly told police.


Of course, the police did not find this to be such a minor amount, and Lewis will face serious charges for trafficking. While this is clearly a wacky way to traffic cannabi, the disparity in laws between states is equally as wacky.