Best Cannabis Strains for a Night In

Best Cannabis Strains for a Night In


Everyone needs a night in every once in a while, and if you’re a cannabis fan, then you know nothing is better for a lazy date night, a movie night with friends, or a night of self-care than the leafy green. Here are a few of the best strains to get you in the mood to just relax.


Purple Kush

This beloved indica comes highly recommended by as the perfect strain to get you sleepy and relaxed. While this may not be the ideal one to try when working on a project or going out, it’s great for staying in and keeping things incredibly low-key.


Lemon Skunk

Also recommended by, Lemon Skunk is a sativa that won’t put you to sleep, but definitely will give you couch lock. If you’re trying to marathon some movies and get really, really into the plots, this is a great way to go.


Girl Scout Cookies

This beautiful hybrid is great for taking it all in from the couch, whether you plan to enjoy a good movie, read a book, or spend the night talking and laughing. And  points out that it is also a great strain to wake and bake with, if the mood strikes you!


White Widow

This hybrid also provides a fantastic balance between staying up and awake and getting comfy and cozy on the couch. This is definitely recommended for cannabis enthusiasts who want to make the most out of their nights in. says it is perfect for conversation and recreation, so try it when watching a movie with a group of friends!