5 Careers that Didn’t Exist Before Legal Cannabis

5 Careers that Didn’t Exist Before Legal Cannabis


With the creation of a new industry, it is no surprise that thousands of jobs have come along in turn. As the cannabis industry has surfaced from an illegal black-market industry to tightly regulated but legal and finally (more or less) in the open one, many individuals have finally been able to move into a legitimate career that they can be proud of.

Here is a look at five jobs that just didn’t exist (at least not in a legal capacity) before legal cannabis hit the market.

Gourmet Edibles Producer

Anyone who loves cannabis and loves cooking will probably love becoming a gourmet edibles producer for the cannabis industry. These folks create everything from candies and baked goods to cannabutter that can be used to make any meal a THC infused treat.

Dispensary Owner

For those who absolutely adore all things cannabis, owning a dispensary is probably a dream job. Working around dozens or even hundreds of strains and edible products and sampling your own products (to ensure they’re good of course!) are only a couple of the benefits of owning your own dispensary.

Strain Reviewer

A strain reviewers job is relatively self-explanatory – you get to try all the newest strains of cannabis, often straight from the breeders and growers themselves – and then get to give your honest opinion on them. This is a fantastic job for both enthusiasts and medical marijuana patients alike.

Grow Master

If you’ve got a green thumb and a love for the cannabis plant, then becoming a grow master might be the job for you. Growing the tallest, strongest, plants with an abundance of potent, trichome coated buds takes talent – but if you become one of the masters and learn to breed your own strain, then you may be the future breeder of a cup winning strain!


For those who aren’t looking to start their own business with a dispensary, or don’t feel their talents lie in growing or baking, may find that a budtender is the best cannabis industry job. It gives you a chance to be social, get to know your customers, and if you sample the products yourself then you would be the best person to give recommendations on strains and edibles.