10 Tips for Shopping Smart this 4/20

Getting the most out of 4/20 requires careful planning and smart shopping. Whether you’re trying to celebrate with ample high-quality product, looking for a robust 4/20 supply at a great price, or simply trying to make your shopping as low-stress and convenient as possible, here are 10 shopping tips to help you get what you want out of 4/20 this year.

1. Be Patient, There Will Be Longer Wait Times

As 4/20 gets close, dispensary traffic will pick up. Longer wait times will be inevitable  throughout April. But keep your cool, plan ahead, and you’ll be able to minimize your dispensary downtime.

2. To Get Around Wait Times, Order Ahead Online for Pickup

Ordering online for pick-up is one of the most effective and accessible ways you can avoid an excruciating wait time for your 4/20 purchases. Depending on how well a delivery service has prepared for the 4/20 rush, delivery orders can get backed up fast.

Carefully planning out online pick-up orders can help increase your chances of getting your 4/20 stash in a timely fashion.

3. Be Mindful of Order Caps

To avoid running out of inventory before 4/20 demand is over, dispensaries may have caps on orders. Whether you order early or separate your orders between shops, be prepared to deal with order caps as dispensaries try to cover everyone’s needs.

4. Do Your Product Research Ahead of Time

As you begin to shop for 4/20, go in armed with your planned out order, as well as questions you may have about new products. Research ahead of time with Weedmaps product guides, and research and compare the Weedmaps menus of your local shops before you enter their doors. It’ll speed up your transactions, and help budtenders get to everyone more quickly.

5. Running Low the Day of 4/20? Try Delivery

Depending on which state you live in, you have access to delivery so you can skip your turn in the rotation. Most deliveries are going to be extremely busy on 4/20, but some will be prepared with seasonal drivers and ample staff to take calls and orders.

Photo by Gina Coleman/WM News

Smaller delivery operations may also be more available on the day of 4/20. Research beforehand which deliveries are preparing for the rush and be ready to order from them if your 4/20 supply gets uncomfortably low.  

6. Budget Your Spending and Quantity Requirements Early

Don’t order or shop for 4/20 until you’ve set a budget and figured out how much weed you’re going to need. If you’re upfront with your budtenders about your spending range and quantity requirements, they’ll be equipped to help you find quality product that fits your needs. Read user reviews on Weedmaps to find out which dispensaries have knowledgeable, helpful staff.

7. Know Your Good Flower from Bad and Understand the Differences Between Concentrates

Chances are you’re going to be buying flower as part of your 4/20 feast. Consult the Weedmaps Learn platform to know the indicators of high-quality flower, which will help you get the best for your buck and avoid overpaying for low-quality cannabis.

Cannabis concentrates come in a wide variety of forms with an ever-diversifying variety of ways to consume them. The Weedmaps concentrate product guide is a great resource for understanding where and how to look for the concentrate experience and price range you’re looking for.

8. When in Doubt, Look Out for Verified Products

When in doubt about the quality, safety, or legitimacy of a product, look for the Weedmaps Verified seal on dispensary and delivery menus. This will give you the assurance that the products you’re buying come from authorized retailers.

9. Go for the Deals!

You may be more interested in minimizing the dent that 4/20 can put in your wallet — favoring cheap, reliable weed over the expensive stuff. Consult the deals in your area found on Weedmaps, and ask your local shops about their 4/20 promotions. You can also sign up for our daily deals email to have access to the best prices in your area.

10. Look out for Early Deals

The weeks leading up to 4/20 can be a great time to stock up on high-quality discount items. Find out which dispensaries are offering early deals and take advantage of price cuts that may save you from the full weight of the 4/20 rush.

Courtesy of WeedMaps