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Will Marijuana Affect Real Estate

Posted by | May 18, 2017 | Blog

A big story in the news these days, will marijuana affect real estate prices?  Many think there is a lot of money in real estate after many states have legalized marijuana.  Although legal marijuana not only benefits the cannabis industry, it also can be a good investment in commercial real estate.

Marijuana Affect

For those who are buying, financing or leasing warehouse space it can mean an uptick in the real estate market.  Real estate has become a sure thing.  You won’t have to worry about so many regulations and obstacles by investing in real estate. Many think owning real estate is going to have a big impact on value long term.  Of course, by owning your own real estate, you control the property.

While anything can happen in the marijuana industry, one investment worth making is to own your own real estate.  By owning your own property, you will see it as a safe way to hold your money as values rise or stay the same.

Property Values

Equally important is buildings owned in zones that are in light industrial areas that have been vacant for a while.  They are now some of the most valuable properties; thanks to the cannabis industry.

Also, the secondary real estate market is seeing a big boom as properties are being scooped up quickly.  Many individuals and companies that made investments a few years ago, have now double and tripled their value.  If you own in an area or sector that is zoned properly and not needing much improvement, it is extremely valuable.

Many banks aren’t comfortable lending money to marijuana entrepreneurs.  Of course, buying real estate is a bonus.  Also, real estate trust is big business.  Many landlords are increasing their rent and enticing cannabis businesses.


Many cannabis entrepreneurs are buying real estate as marijuana continues to become a big business.  As more states legalize marijuana, we can continue to see much more need for running dispensaries.  In conclusion, as more dispensaries are needed, there will be more real estate deals made.  Now is the time to make deals as marijuana affects real estate.  It is important to realize, this is just the start of the next big boom as property values continue to rise.

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