Interview Questions for the Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Industry

Top Five Questions to Ask When Interviewing in the Cannabis Industry

Now that legal marijuana has been approved in many states, everyone is scrambling for their own piece of the pie. To land marijuana industry jobs, it is important to have some knowledge of the industry already, as well as some passion. Job sites specifically for the Marijuana Industry such as 420 Careers, give us a place to see what’s out there. Here are a couple of questions that are good to ask in order to land cannabis jobs and show your employers that you mean business. is the leading marijuana industry job board website! Check out new Cannabis Industry related jobs added daily!

  1. What is your mission?

According to Leafly , it is important to identify the mission of a company before you work there, even if they are gung-ho to hire you. After all, if you are working in the cannabis industry because marijuana is your passion, you don’t want to work somewhere that just wants to make money and not help medical marijuana patients.


  1. What is the company culture like?

Leafly explains that it is important to identify what your co-workers are like and what goes on at work, just like in any job. You don’t want to work somewhere super strict if your work style is more lax, or vice versa.


  1. What is something your company has done that you are proud of?

This is one of the questions that Leafly suggests you ask at the end of your interview. Many cannabis businesses are pioneers in some area or another, or have had setbacks to face as they navigate the industry. Asking about this can be a great way to get to know the company and also show that you actually care.


  1. Who has decision-making power?

This is a good one to ask because many companies are structured differently in the cannabis industry. According to Entrepreneur , this is a good way to find out if you will be getting all of your directives from the boss or owner, or if you will be able to have a say once you move up in the company a bit.


  1. What are the hours, and what will be the work expectations?

As Entrepreneur points out, the cannabis industry is brand new, so cannabis jobs often require long hours and hard work. Make sure you know what you are signing on for before you officially accept the position, and be willing to take on new challenges.


Now you know a few good ways to stay on top and land that cannabis dream job. Happy Hunting on!




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