New Book Claims Obama is Smoking Cannabis Again

New Book Claims Obama is Smoking Cannabis Again


It’s no secret that our former fearless leader, Barack Obama, used to smoke cannabis. He admitted it in his memoirs, and unlike Bill Clinton, he claims that he did inhale, because otherwise what would be the point? But is the ganja guru smoking again now that he’s not in office? One book thinks so.


According to High Times, a book by Ed Klein called All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump claims that rather than lead an uprising against the new president, Obama is choosing to spend his time “playing video games, chatting on the phone with celebrity pals, smoking marijuana and popping cannabis-infused gummy bears..”


“He gets the weed from friends who visit him,” an anonymous friend allegedly claimed. “I was told he keeps a small stash in his bedroom. He has rolling papers and hasn’t forgotten how to roll a joint. Sometimes he’ll smoke in his bedroom, and sometimes in the backyard. But mostly he does it when he’s traveling. At one point, he became so concerned about people smelling pot around Kalorama that he asked friends to get him some edible stuff. They got him brownies, cookies, and gummy bears infused with THC.”


While this may be a funny image, and everyone would love to get high with Obama, it sounds like this report may be a little skewed, and shouldn’t be believed until harder evidence arrives.

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